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Goals of the DBTV

The primary objective of the German Beach Tennis Federation is the promotion of beach tennis sports in Germany in all its forms. That means not only the common version of the game with tennis racquets but also the version with paddle bats is at the centre of attention.

Further objectives

The further objectives of the DBTV are included in the constitution and were devised at the inauguration of the association on August 10 2007.

Die Begeisterung beim Beachtennis kennt keine Grenzen - Der DBTV unterstützt
Spieler und Veranstalter

Die Begeisterung beim Beachtennis kennt keine Grenzen - Der DBTV unterstützt Spieler und Veranstalter

The association observes exclusively and directly the charitable purposes outlined in the "tax benefits" section of the tax order. The objectives of the constitution are to be achieved primarily through the following measures and actions:

• The promotion and consolidation of the various beach sports as leisure sports through specialist qualification and the further development and modification of the way beach tennis is played.

• The promotion and consolidation of beach tennis as a performance sport through the organisation of tournaments and the establishment of leagues or other competitions.

• Education, support and promotion of juniors and youths, especially the ethical values of the sport such as fair-play and good etiquette.

• The continual use of the beach as a medium to bring people together and get to know eachother.

• The development of specific and health-conscious training methods and guidelines to promote these favorable training methods.

• Public relations work to further develop beach tennis as a leisure sport including the promotion of the sport for its health benifits especially in injury prevention.


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