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The foundation of the DBTV

The German Beach Tennis Federation was founded at the initial meeting which took place on 10 August 2007 at Franconian Abstwind. The federation outlined the promotion of beach tennis sports in Germany as its main focus. The federation aims to work together with everyone who supports beach tennis in Germany.

Attendees on August 10th, 2007

Reiner Grimm, Dr. Marcus Mensing, Charlotte Hager, Bernd Schmitt, Nina Schaller, Uwe Kropf and Dr. Eberhard Mensing (from left)

Any person or legal entity can become a member. The membership fee is 20 euro per year for adults and 10 euro per year for juniors. You can read about the advantages of being a member in the MEMBER'S section of this website.

Mrs Charlotte Hager from Marktleuthen was elected as the first DBTV president. The sports administrator is Maximilian Hamm from Stuttgart. Uwe Kropf from Arzberg is responsible for finance. The Junior administrator is Florian Heidenberger from Haimhausen and the leisure sport manager is Nina Schaller from Landshut. Voting was unanimous.

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